Headed to Chicago for Games Day!

Today Wayne, Alex and I are headed to Games Day in Chicago. My hubby is an incredible artist, and he’s competing in a painting contest there this year.

I’ve never been to an event like this one, so I’m anxious to see what it’s like. Hubby has been playing WarHammer for years and this game (along the same lines/genera as D&D) is the focus for this Games Workshop sponsored event.

We will be picking up Derrick at O’Hare tonight. He was visiting his paternal grandparents in Florida and they are sending him up so he can join in the festivities.

It’s been a long time since we have had a weekend away. It should be quite enjoyable.

As soon as we return on Sunday, I’ll be helping my father pack up the 5th wheel and we will head out to Colorado first thing Monday a.m.

It’s nice to be able to blog on the road, the old version of GL didn’t allow me to log in from my Treo.

Of course, without a spell checker onboard, I may be humiliated by my mobile typos. :o)

More later.