Gimme Firmware Updates for the Treo 650!

PalmOne, errr… Palm… (whatever they are calling themselves now) has released a significant number of firmware upgrades for the 650.

If you plan to upgrade, please PLEASE be sure to get a good full system backup of your palm. I’d recommend doing a “to the card” backup for those who have an SD card) as well as a full backup (I use BackupBuddy) on your PC.

For instructions on how to download the firmware updates –

Visit the Palm site and download if you have the following phones:

  • For Sprint
  • Unlocked GSM
  • Verizon Wireless
  • Voicemailer Update for Cingular (Palm is promising a fuller-featured update for Cingular phones later this year)
  • Go HERE to see all the updates and downloads for your particular phone from palm

Be sure you download the CORRECT firmware update for your model. Pulling down the wrong one will cause enormous headaches.

UPDATE: 11-20-2014 – All of the links for this blog are no longer working on the external sites.