Setting Up eMail Signature Lines (Sig Lines) to Improve Your Marketing… Daily!

If you aren’t using your email sig line to market your business and promote your interests, you are missing a huge opportunity.

How many emails do you send out a day? How many in a month? THAT is how many opportunities you are losing to promote!

I’m fairly tech-oriented, but one of my most hated tasks in the WORLD is reworking all my sig lines when I change over to a new system, or switch email programs. It’s enough to make me pull out all my hair.

But I have a couple resources that will help anyone from the beginner to the pro —

Everything you ever wanted to know about using your signature line in your email can be found in a couple cool online resources.

The first is a basic site covering many email programs:

Dan’s Mail Format Site

If you love Mozilla as much as I do for email and your browser, you may want help configuring it and setting up your email sig lines in the Thunderbird product.

The following link is a step-by-step that answers the question “How do I make signature lines in Thunderbird Email?” Find the Answers Here. (Update 6/2011 – removed this link since it’s defunct.)