Data Storage in Body Parts – Too Weird (and Slightly Frightening) Even for Me

Ok, forget my fascination with the thumbdrive, the Treo and all things tiny that give me data storage. Forget every single time that I’ve said “finger tip access” as a positive thing. Forget the fact that having a data source that was unable to be lost, while still remaining conveniently tiny, is a positive. Forget it all and realize that sometimes even technology goes too far.

The latest research by in laser technology according to an article by states that a recent development in temporary data storage is literally at your fingertips — laserprinted into your fingernails. This data, according to the article printed this month, means that with fingerprint technology and this data, you would carry your secure data with you everywhere.

Now, you know I love tiny data, convenience, security and all things digital — but this one is a little too far even for me!

Go take a peek!