Concerns About Money Handling in Casey County, Kentucky Makes the News

I was involved in an extended voicing of my concerns (to put it lightly) on some local issues about a year ago. At that time, I’d turned my information, research, contacts and concerns over to others to continue the work.

I was tired and all “volunteered out” at that time. I was also getting married and was trying to plan a wedding while raising kids and running my business and serving as president of an international organization. My plate was past full — it was overflowing.

So much for the simple life.

At that point, something had to give. I decided to turn over what I could to others and try to regain a little sanity. One of the things I turned over was the local battle. I turned it over to someone a little fresher and a little less battle-weary.

But, after it all “came to light” I was surprised to learn that the grand jury had passed on an indictment. I was amazed to see continual finger-pointing at members of our community, and even accusations of wrongdoing, boldly stated by the party recently investigated by the grand jury. Since I knew exactly how the information in question had been obtained, I wrote a rather lengthy letter to the editor of the Danville, Kentucky newspaper. The result was a front page article yesterday. Oh, joy!

Although it didn’t cover all the particulars of my letter, misquoted some dollar amounts (the amount that went unreported was actually $10K more than was listed) and made a few assumptions about the people I asked to carry on, it was a fairly good condensation of my original letter.

However, I was surprised to see it on the front page. Personally, I prefer the opinion page. That’s my comfort zone. It may be a result of habit, my ability to always HAVE an opinion, or maybe even my past life a newspaper editor. Perhaps I’ve just blogged so long that I prefer a more “first person” approach to communication.

I know that it would have been easier to remain quiet, but it felt wrong. Besides, how can I encourage my children, my family and my friends to stand up and be counted if I take a seat in such situations?