Hi-Launcher Cures the Keyboard Blues

If you have your stylus out, you don’t want to have to toggle between your taps and your thumboard any more than is absolutely necessary.

How would you like to have a customized list of your favorite programs “pop” up when you make a single stylus “swipe” across the screen?

Do you miss your windows “start” menu format when you are working on the palm? I know how to give you those functions!

[more]Hi-Launcher is a highly customizable and intuitive little jewel that allows me to toggle between my favorites without touching my thumboard. And, it works from ANY application!

I use a lower left hand corner diagonal swipe, personally, to launch my “start” menu (which is set to shoot up in the same way my windows start menu does) – but you can customize yours to “fade” in or to shoot from the top or the side, etc.

You can color code your programs and include them in folders for nested expansions.

I can’t imagine running my Treo 650 without this program, and I also used it on my Treo 600 (and loved it there first!).

To learn more about this great little app that will increase your stylus use and decrease the “juggling” act between the keys and the touch-screen, visit www.hilauncher.com or go to my favorite vendor, www.palmgear.com to order. It runs about $20, but sometimes goes on sale at PalmGear.com — so keep an eye on it.