Organics, Toxins and Safe Products that Work

I’ve gone organic. After substantial health issues, it only makes sense to “cleanse” my system and go with products that are less toxic than the mainstream.

It’s harder than one might imagine, but it has its own rewards.

I’m eating more deliberately. And, I’m even looking at such items as household cleaners, cosmetics, bath and body care with a more critical eye.

Until recently, I was a diet soda junkie. Terribly addicted. I quit drinking the stuff when my health headed south and my symptoms seemed to match some of the reports of aspertame poisioning. (That stuff is a neuro-toxin, for those who care.) I’ll never drink it again, and that’s saying something, considering that I was chugging down 2-3 two-liter bottles a day. And I swore I could tell when the caffeine level in my blood got dangerously low.

Now, I’m doing quite a bit of research on the contents of EVERYTHING. And, I’ve found a great website for health and beauty aids. It’s From this incredible site, you can look up all the products you use daily to determine if you want to continue to use them tomorrow.

I’ve never been big on makeup, but even the small number of products I use are alarming — when you review all the ingredients and the known issues with each.

Stuff like this, and the other reading I’ve done lately, really makes me wonder what it is that the FDA is really doing.

Now I’m trying to track down safe makeup products and other body-care products on the Internet.

One of the hardest challenges has been to replace my shampoo. I find that of the low-level toxin concern shampoos, that Burt’s Bees Peppermint Shampoo bar is one of the best. I’ve tried several shampoo bars over the years, but always went back to liquid. This particular bar is good enough to make me want to stay.

I’m still trying toothpastes. I have both of the Burt’s Bees toothpaste products, but don’t find them particularly tolerable.

Makeup itself is a more difficult consideration. I’ve had a terrible time trying to locate even lip balm that’s not loaded with unsavory ingredients. I’ve never really worn lipstick, and have used Dr. Pepper lipgloss for the last decade or so, but that’s over now. I have located “Honeybee Garden’s” on, which is a lip balm without ingredients that concern me. Some other products on that site look promising (I’ve ordered a couple to try) but many still use mica and other products and chemicals that I’d rather avoid.

Although it may not make a huge difference, I’d rather be safe these days. it may be something that others (who haven’t been down this path already) may want to consider.

Until next time…