So You Want to Find a Professional Timer Program for Your PDA?

I looked for ages before selecting my current timer program for my laptop and PDA. If you are a consultant, a freelance entrepreneur, or anyone else that needs to bill by the hour (or by the minute), I’ve test driven several software programs before finding one I’m willing to recommend.

[more]Many of the software programs don’t “play nice” between Windows and a Palm system, but Responsive Time Logger by Alan Macy, does. It’s not cheap, running $89 for the windows platform (the palm platform is free with the purchase), but it’s one of the best I’ve seen.

For years I used the QuickBooks timer program, but could never get the flexibility I needed.

On the road on in the office, I think you will find this program as “responsive” to your needs as I’ve found it for my own.

It does require a small learning curve to get the most out of the program. You can use it as a simple timer, or use it to run reports, import to QB or Quicken, print custom invoices directly from RTL if you prefer to not do so through an accounting program.

The interface is nice on both platforms and, for the cost, it’s the most impressive software of this type at this time.

I reviewed and did trial runs on programs costing from $15 to $500, and still recommend this one. There may be an easier one in the future, but for now, I use Responsive Time Logger. Visit their website to learn more