Want to Watch Movies on Your Treo? The Best Mobile Video Player.

So you want something REALLY cool for your Treo? How about the ability to watch the latest DVD from your collection while you are on the road?

I’ve tried several of these players, and even purchased one (MMPlayer) but nothing compares to a free program I found.

MMPlayer gave me some difficulty. It wasn’t easy to “tweak” so the video and the audio match up. I REALLY don’t like watching video that trails the audio. The lips move and the voice timing makes it look like a badly dubbed foreign film. Truth is, I never quite got it perfect. And the frustration of reloading a key to allow me to use the player when I rebuilt my OS, or when I deleted off the player and needed to reload it during one of my test phases — Well, it made me nuts.

Then, I found the beta version of the Core Pocket Media Player (Version .65Y). This great little program can be downloaded at: http://tcpmp.corecodec.org/. (Update 4/2011 – this link is now defunct.) The developer, from Hungary, accepts donation for this wonderful little piece of code. It’s worth a small donation, make one! But download it and try it first. I’m sure you will love it.

My lips and voice synch now!

You can also play mp3s through this program. It’s a clean, unbloated little program and works extremely well for videos. For music, it works ok, but does not (in this version) support background playing. This means you can’t listen to music while working in other programs. Most of the paid players for the Palm Operating system will permit background playing. Since I use this function often, I prefer to keep another player on my Treo for music.

I hope that the alpha version of this program will have a few of these “nicety” functions. And, I’d love to see some new, colorful skins. I’ll let you know when I hear any updates on this exceptional — and FREE — product.

Do remember that you will need to record the DVD into a Treo-friendly and properly sized format before you can view it on your Treo. I’ll tell you more about one of these programs later and tell you which one I use to rip my DVDs for my Treo.

Have a great weekend!