When “Sci-Fi” Movies become “Reality” TV

Let’s see, what shall we do when sci-fi movies become reality TV?

A bit of fiction to entertain you: Let’s set the stage, shall we? Imagine a USA where the government is all-powerful. Not much of a stretch so far.

Now imagine that all the citizens are calm and behave themselves. They don’t cause any fuss, they don’t advertise their personal feelings, they don’t write their feelings down, they don’t complain to their elected officials (after all they didn’t really GET the leaders they elected). Everything is peaceful and quiet.

Why are these citizens so lamb-like?

Because if they become restless, they are imprisoned, have their homes taken from them, or get fired and can’t feed their family.

Why imprisoned? Because they are speaking out against the government and thus are a threat to national security. Think Patriot Act and Son of Patriot.

Why have their homes taken? Because if the Government’s corporate arm wants the land, they have that right. (That’ll keep them quiet!) Read up on Kelo vs. New London.

Why get fired? Because they work for the government, a subsidiary company with government interests, or a company with ties to the government. Learn more about government official’s links to corporate America and how lobbyists really operate.

Hmmm. And how does this omnipotent government keep tabs on this feeble citizenry? They become omniscient. They scan emails, listen to phone calls, install cameras and watch every move. Sounding a bit too familiar? Feeling uncomfortable yet?

Hmmm. And suddenly we recall some of the sci fi reading we did in our high school English class … and start thinking terms like “big brother” and “1984” don’t we? Humph. Isn’t it interesting how something so far fetched and fictional becomes so near to the reality in a few short years. Funny, I say, in the sense of extremely odd, not the entertaining “ha-ha” belly-laugh variety.

So, how long will it be until we aren’t even permitted the “illusion” of land ownership and personal freedom? How long before we aren’t allowed to work for ourselves or be “self sufficient?” How long before we become merely the drones, the worker bees for the hive of the government machine? Not long, I’d say. Not long.