Throw Away Your Thumb-Drive!

With your Treo 650 and a good sized expansion card, you no longer need to carry a jump drive (aka lipstick drive).

If you have a cool application program called Softstick Card Export II (version 2.19), available from, that is.

This cool little program lets you use a the standard cable that comes with your Treo to hook into ANY computer with a USB port, and have your expansion card recognized as a logical disk.

Why is this so great? You can transfer files directly (without conversion programs) from your desktop or laptop to your Treo’s expansion SD card. It also means you can back up the contents of your expansion card directly to your computer’s hard drive for archiving.

You can also use the Treo as an SD card reader too with the Card Export program. No need to buy a physical card reader, your Treo already is one.

Personally, I find this the MOST efficient way to load music, movies and large document files on the expansion card. A hotsync operation will not always work with extremely large file sizes. Card Export will.

The program runs about $15, but if you watch the sales on PalmGear, you may get it a bit cheaper. Maybe. And you can give your jump drive to someone less fortunate — someone who doesn’t own a Treo ;O)