What IS a Treo Anyway?

This morning, I heard from a friend, fellow writer, and client I’d not spoken to for some time. She asked what was new, and I asked her to visit this site to see my latest undertaking. Her response (in part) was:

Hi Angela,

I like the website, but as a total non-geek, would like to have seen a precise definition of Treo up front — is it a palm computer? What are its physical characteristics and how exactly do we use it?

That’s particularly timely for me (sort of) because I’ve just bought my first laptop and plan to take it to Charlotte, NC next week when we go to meet our newest grandson. That’s as mobile as I am so far, but I’m always interested in new ideas.

On the price range, what’s the high and low end?

So, to answer the question “what is a Treo?” I sent back the following response:

Dear Molly –

Good point on the whole “what is a Treo?” issue. Most of the audience I’m seeking here already has one or wants one, but I’ll add that information in immediately!

My Treo is my “office in my pocket” — it’s a cell phone-PDA combo that lets me make calls, keep up with my contacts and appointments, lets me take notes, send email, cruise the Internet, listen to music, play games, and even watch movies! Of course, mine is totally “tricked out” and I’ve spent months learning how to do it all.

You, in particular, would be interested in the portable keyboards I have which fold up or BEAM the full-sized keyboard by infrared to any flat surface so you can type anywhere! Imagine having a cell phone sized device on a stand and being able to whip out a keyboard projector the size of a plenty pack of gum, flip a switch and type on your best friend’s kitchen table. When you are finished, you can email it to your client and call to say “check your email.” Then, you switch off the keyboard, tuck that and your Treo back in a small purse and you are on your way.

It’s truly awesome and super portable. I have a 2 gig card on mine which means lots of storage space, and I carry an additional 1 gig card (these cards are the size of thick postage stamps and I keep the extra one in a zipper compartment of my wallet). On these cards, I have all the programs I need, several games, 30-40 ebooks, a dozen audio books, fifty of my favorite songs and four full-length feature movies I copied from my DVD collection. No matter where I am, I’m in full contact with my most important files (I even have a program that lets me hook up to any computer anywhere and download files from my expansion cards in the same way you would use a thumb drive).

And, for quick input, there is a thumboard keyboard on the front of the Treo. This just scratches the surface of what this device will do. Come back to my WickedTreo site when you have time to browse and learn more, I’ll be adding more info almost daily!

In answer to your question on the price, they aren’t cheap. But, like most technology, the prices are going down. Check the vendor’s block on the right side of my home page this is where I keep updated information on the most recent prices and sales, and you can click there for basic specs and to learn more info about as-delivered factory options on these little gems.