Wicked Treo Launches Today

June 20, 2005 – Dunnville, KY – WickedTreo, a website dedicated to educating real estate agents about mobile “pocket office” solutions was launched today. Designed for real estate agents, brokers, and Realtors, WickedTreo.com will outline the steps required to set up a mobile operations center from an “all-in-one” pocket-sized device.

From making the decision to try a mobile office solution to making the best purchases in programs and accessories, WickedTreo will guide members of these mobile professionals through the organization and implementation process. The site’s focus will be on the implementation and productive use of the PalmOne Treo 650 and 600 models. [more]“As a business and marketing consultant for real estate agents in the US and abroad,” said owner Angela Parker, “I see a continuing need for real estate professionals to implement technology solutions to help make their mobile career more manageable.

Today, there are literally thousands of options for software, hardware, and accessories with this type of tool. It becomes a real challenge and is incredibly time consuming to make these choices. After consulting with many agents and brokers over the last five years, I’ve undertaken this Treo project to make the process easier for my own clients, for other real estate professionals, and for those interested in mobile solutions.

WickedTreo.com’s launch is just the beginning, the site will grow with frequent updates, a discussion area and responses to direct questions from visitors.” Based in Kentucky, Parker works as a marketing consultant and freelance writer providing web content, marketing assistance and business advice for small business owners, entrepreneurs, and individuals worldwide. “This site enables me to bring together the benefit of my experience as a business and marketing consultant, my writing skills, and my belief that mobility is the key to expanding the capabilities of industries such as real estate and other small business and entrepreneurial endeavors.”

Based in Dunnville, Kentucky, Angela A. Parker is the owner of Wicked WordCraft, (www.WickedWordCraft.com) a site that offers real estate marketing articles, business consultation, and writing services. The new site, WickedTreo represents an expansion of informational and educational services offered by this Kentucky writer and marketing consultant.

NOTE: WickedTreo.com was active for over a year, and all articles and how-to entries are now archived on WickedBlog.com.