Think about Power Options for Your Treo 650

Once you have the Treo all nice and comfy in a new protective case with screen protectors in place, you will probably want a way to easily keep your power ON when you are using the Treo.

The Treo has a great battery life, but you may want more. I can use my Treo for many hours before I need to recharge, but I DO sometimes suck the battery pretty dry.

Unlike the Treo 600, the 650 uses a type of memory that doesn’t experience total memory drain if your battery is completely depleted.

Pro side: You don’t lose all date while on the road and have to hotsync again before you have your baby back.

Con side: this “flash” type of memory (that’s a loose description for demonstration purposes only) requires more space to run, meaning you have less user designated space on your Treo 650 than you did on the previous model, even though the memory size is the same.

Palm one is offsetting that with some models by offering a free 128MB expansion card. So, if you have the Treo 650, and you don’t yet have your free card, see if you qualify to Order It! Even shipping and handling are free.

The easiest way I’ve found to keep all charged and ready is to keep an extra batter with me. I bought a simple silky little pouch (designed for sunglasses, but works great for this purpose). And, I keep it charged and in my purse. I also keep a convertable hotsynch cord with a USB end that plugs into a wall-outlet type of plug. It also had a car charger adapter, but it never worked and the company where I purchased it never responded to my inquiries.

I’m still looking for the best solution for on-the-go charging and will let you know if and when I find it. I had a fantastic little charger with my Treo 600 that was a wall plug (the prongs folded down neatly and out of the way when not in use) and had a racheting car cigarette plug on one side. With that little gem I always had what I needed, no matter where I was.

If only they would have that “head” on a USB style plug in — that would be nirvana.

For now, the best option I have is to carry the extra battery (which will charge the same time my handheld charges in a cool little multi-purpose cradle/hotsync/charger/extra battery charger device from PalmOne. It’s not cheap (running over $50) and it’s an extra $50 or so for the additional battery — but I like having my treo propped up there on my desk at the office and easy to slip out and put in the case for a trip out. I like knowing my extra battery is always charged.