SnapperMail(tm) is The Best Email for Treo 650

The best email package for the Treo 650 for business applications isn’t what comes packaged with the machine.


SnapperMail (TM) offer a program that will handle attachments and photos without breaking a sweat. It’s a bulletproof program, in my experience and has no soft-reset issues or hangs. I swear by my SnapperMail program, and I’ve tried several others before settling in with SnapperMail.

I used this product on my Treo 600, and used VersaMail on the 650 for awhile before the limitations of that program for business applications became obvious. Then, I loaded up SnapperMail again.

It’s not cheap, running $25 to $60, depending on the version you select. I run the Premire version (and even got a bonus of SplashPhoto when I bought it — so watch for special promotions).

Get it at PalmGear, the best resource for Treo Programs on the web, IMHO or learn more by visiting the SnapperMail site.

A few of the key features include the ability to check multiple email accounts and SEND from multiple email accounts. You can leave all the mail on the server to pull down when you get back to the office, or you can weed out the ones you never want to see again and remove them from the server on the spot.

Again, if you are just using the Treo 650 for occasional email, you don’t need this expense, but if you are running a “pocket office” then you need it now.