Someone Else is Living My Dream!

As I did some submission work for my new baby,, I found an article on a PR consultant and her husband doing, albeit in grander style, what Wayne and I have been discussing for many months.

The two are going MOBILE — in a big way. They ditched the office space in favor of an RV and work from the new “workstead” on wheels.

Granted, they are doing it bigger than I want to. They have a $100K RV that’s much larger than the Airstream Bambi we are considering, but still — they are doing it and loving it.

I think it’s going to be a great day when more people adopt a more mobile work philosophy. Why be tied to a desk, tethered to a laptop, when you can just as easily be anywhere — and still get the work done?

I like changing my surroundings. I also like having a good, solid “homebase” — but the farm provides that. I love working and may never retire completely — but I do want to see the world and Wayne and I want to start by touring around in the US.

We think we may pack Alex up and do the homeschooling thing via the Internet and her own personal laptop so we can leave a few year earlier than when she goes off to college. What a wonderful educational experience it could be — for ALL of us! And so we spend much time dreaming about it these days.

Meanwhile, we are paying off the few remaining debts and I’m learning everything I can about how to get more mobile, how to continue to focus my business into a fine point that is well niched and Wayne seeks his own ideas of work nirvana that can be accomplished while on the road.

It’s a great dream, and will be an even more wonderful reality — in 3-5 years!

Have a great weekend, and go read more about the PR consultant on wheels at — Sorry, they don’t offer a permalink, so I don’t know how long this address will work.

And, after you read this, go take my poll on the importance of mobility in YOUR life. I’d like to know! :O)