Immediately Following the Purchase – Protect the Treo’s Screen

You now have a fully-charged Treo with the proper cellular service and data plan for your needs.

The next steps are crucial to protect your investment. First, buy a screen protector pack and second, get a protective case! Your Treo 650 probably came with a single screen protector. Take the time now to wrestle that little sucker on the screen. Although there may be some bubbles you just CAN’T get out, they will probably disappear in a few hours or a couple days of use (if they are small). The tiny bubbles mine on mine made me nuts for the first day or so, but they did eventually disappear.

I take good care of my Treo and pretend I don’t have the protector on it. I treat it with kid gloves, so my first protector is still on the Treo. It appears that it has just a few tiny scratches, but it’s still fine.

As much as they charge for those things, I’ll not change it until it needs to be done!

A word of warning: Do not wait and “use it awhile” before you install the screen protector. Do that first. Do that now.