Duty Calls – Jury Duty Service

Tomorrow marks the first day that I’ve ever been asked to serve on a jury. Most people I’ve told simply say “Bahhh, you will never be called.” Although I must agree that I’m probably not going to be asked to serve, it bothers me that everyone is so quick to say that I won’t. Surely, I’m not THAT opinionated [more]Ok, ok, ok. Fine. Maybe I am. I can live with that. I’m pretty opinionated, but not so much so that a good argument backed up with proof (or demonstrable lack of proof) wouldn’t sway me from one point to another. I’m a fact-lover. I’m a researcher. I’m also interested in the process.

Now, since it’s circuit court, perhaps it will be a more involved case than I’d like to participate in, given my current situation. But, either way, I’m looking forward to the experience, despite the fact that I was NOT looking forward to it when I was originally notified.

Now, my largest concern is how I’ll entertain myself and stay in touch with my clients if my Treo isn’t welcome to come in with me. I’ve heart terrible rumors that I won’t even be able to write while serving. I can’t imagine being stuck without at LEAST paper and pencil. I can’t even think without some way to write my way through it.

Anyway, I’ll know more tomorrow.