Ever want to REALLY simplify your life?

Some towns in upper North Dakota and a few in Kansas are offering free land to individuals willing to come out and build a house in these small, dwindling towns and set up housekeeping. As a simplicity freak and an online entrepreneur, this type of opportunity always intrigues me.

The offers vary, some (like Crosby, ND) offer not only the land but a thick little incentive package including memberships. Some even offer a cash incentive for families with children and tax breaks for up to five years. Some offer lots in brand new subdivisions, while others offer rural lots and even one that offers lots in the historic district.

All have requirements on the house built, but some are quite lax on the details. To find out more about becoming a pioneer out west… visit www.kansasfreeland.com. Or, do a quick Google search.

Who says you can’t get something cool for nothing? How about a whole new life?

If you are a virtual business owner, you may want to note that some of these towns offer great broadband access to attract JUST your type of self-employed individual.

Take a peek. At the very worst, you will have spent some time dreaming and researching. A cool way to spend the afternoon, IMHO.