Treo as a Flash Drive and Some Great Deals on SD Expansion Cards

With an astoundingly simple to use program called Card Export, I can now use the SD expansion card in my Treo as a USB flash drive in any computer, anywhere. [More]By downloading this program from you can enjoy the same functionality. You simply install this program on your palm (or Treo) and then plug the sync cord into any USB on any computer. The computer will immediately see the card as an external drive.

The coolest use, not mentioned by the manufacturer? This is the QUICKEST way to download large files from your PC (or anyone’s PC) to your SD card. I especially find it useful for .avi (video files) and mp3 files which take forever by other methods.

If you have a Treo or a palm and would like to use this program, be sure you have a large enough SD card.

I just ordered a new 2-gig card from Dell — they have a great sale right now 25% off. I got the card for $133. That’s the best price I can find on the web right now, and I thought I’d share the information. has 1-gig cards for $80 right now too, if you don’t need quite as much space.

Have fun!

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