Coolest Keyboard in the World is Virtual and Tiny

I just got my new keyboard, a virtual keyboard with Bluetooth, for use with my Treo 650. It’s a cool little device, about the size of a “plenty pack” of gum. It projects the image of a full-sized keyboard on any flat surface and away I type! [more]It works by projecting two rays of infrared, one visible and one invisible on the flat surface. The beams are “broken” when my fingers touch keys, and the device gives a “click” to offer audio feedback when keys are “pressed.”

It’s still odd to type without feeling the keys “give” and I’m working to customize the sensitivity of the key presses to my own typing style so that I don’t get duplicated letters or failed letters. It’s not difficult; just a bit more time consuming than I have been able to muster lately.

I’m not as well versed with Bluetooth technology as I need to be yet, so it took awhile to overcome all the linking issues, but it does work well, once I got it linked. It works with most of my Treo applications, but does not work with the Documents to Go Suite yet. It works with Memo, with DateBk5, with Blazer, with VersaMail. With everything except what I want it to do most — let me write in a word processor. But I will NOT be dissuaded. I’ll find the issues and iron them out. Just hide and watch!

I’ll have to research that some more (I’ve already contacted the keyboard company and they are looking into it on their end).

However, even as I work out the kinks, I must say this is one of the “coolest” and most “flashy” of all the Treo accessories and tools.

I got mine online (of course). It’s made by VKB, Inc. and you can view one of these babies by visiting

Welcome to the future, folks. Ain’t it grand?