Interesting date, today. There have been so many thoughts lately. But I’ve not managed to make the time to write. Finally the guilt has overcome me. After a couple months of being really “under the weather” — and nearly six feeling less than grand — I’m starting to feel human again. It’s exhilarating!

In the meantime, I’ve become addicted to The West Wing. I’m on season four with my father. It’s something we have done together on the weekends when Wayne has been working.

On the entertainment front, the Third Season of The Gilmore Girls just came out. The first episode is in and is playing as I type. I love Gilmore Girls.

Since Buffy and Angel are over, I’ve been scrambling for proper DVD series entertainment that is properly engaging. Especially when I was feeling less than active.

A cool little jewel, WonderFalls, was recommended by a friend. He was right, it’s a wonder-ful little series that never made it past the first couple of episodes on the air. Great DVD investment!

I’m just rambling, but getting back into the “blog” habit is a little less than easy. Guilt for not writing makes me less likely to write.

Funky little truth, historically speaking: The more I write the easier it is to write, the less I write, the less likely I am to write. Go figure.