Got the New Treo 650 — LOVE IT!

It’s been awhile since I posted, due to a combination of a heavy workload, a few personal issues and the arrival of my Treo 650. (What a sweet little machine!)

The Treo 650 addresses most of my concerns and exceeds my expectations. The camera is far improved and can acutally be used for decent pics. The high definition screen is fantastic (how did I deal with the low res of the Treo 600 for so long?)

There are other, less obvious improvements which make this the best “swiss army pocket knife” in the techie world.

I’ve found programs that permit me to IM while out, to play my favorite games, to fill in the few gaps left by the “as shipped” device’s usefulness and entertainment value.

Overall, I LOVE my Treo 650!

It’s the easiest way to take my work, my ability to communicate (by phone, IM and email), my entertainment, and my ability to search for answers on the web… tuck it in my pocket, purse or clip it to my belt and head out the door.

Now that I’ve overcome the guilt of not blogging for over a week… I’m going to get back to my Treo before my work day begins in earnest.

Soon, I’ll blog about the particulars of the programs I’ve found that help me do nearly everything with my Treo 650.