Our Rights to Privacy – Another One Bites the Dust as Private US Registrants Ordered to Reveal Themselves

I just received a note from my registrar, explaining that the National Telecommunications and Information Administration (NTIA) has revoked the ability to have a private .US registration. Anyone owning a private registration must forfeit their privacy or their domain within 10 months.

There was no hearing, there was no citizen input, it was just “decreed” by this federal agency, an arm of the US Commerce Department. Charming.

Thanks, Mr. Bush! I appreciate your concern about my welfare and your hard work to set up all the new allowances to allow my rights to be quickly progressively stripped. Thanks to my representatives for not protecting me and helping me to determine my votes for next election. Patriot and son of patriot, and all these little strippings that continue to follow.

Doesn’t someone usually pay to view stripping like this? Oh wait, I guess that’s only if the stripper is a willing participant. In an era when we are supposed to accept that our security costs our privacy, I object. These should not be mutually exclusive terms, and yet everywhere I turn I see more and more instances of REQUIRED personal information for INNANE justification.

My business account at my bank tried to require my personal social security number to open the account, despite the fact that I had an EIN — obtained to prevent the unnecessary “free flow” of my personal information in business affairs. I finally won that refusal, but it wasn’t easy. They tried to make me believe that it’s required.

You go into many offices for a doctor’s appointment, to apply for a job, to request information, to do nearly anything… and you are asked for personal information that is WAY above what is necessary to do the job requested.

I’ve had it!

And now they want to make sure that .US registrants can’t maintain their privacy? Why?

And if you think that .US is no big deal, it’s not a .com or a .net or a .org… think again. Do you really believe this is the ONLY one they will try to regulate? And it’s ironic that the “great nation” of freedom, the United States of America, is attacking the rights and the freedoms of those who wish to apply for the .US name — only available to US citizens.

This is bull.

If you want to voice your opinion and sign the petition against this terrible trespass of our civil rights, you can do so by going to www.godaddy.com — great place to register your domain name too (I’ve been using them for years and years). Bob Parsons — the GoDaddy guru, has even set up an auto-fill form that will enable you to send your objections directly to your own representatives. Thanks Bob!

Now, go… sign! Get active, get vocal… while you still can. Soon that will probably be illegal too.