Sense-ual Marketing

A recent book by branding guru Martin Lindstrom discusses how involving all of the senses improves marketing outcomes.

Aptly named ‘Brand Sense’ it discusses branding results as measured by the Millward Brown research institute during an 18-month study across 13 countries.

I find it interesting that the next ‘frontier’ in branding and marketing, the next ‘cutting edge’ delves into what can’t be done on the Internet (yet)…

We can have the sight and the sound, but the but the other three – taste, smell and touch – are left ‘out in the cold.’

Corporate America has looked into the effects of certain scents ‘pumped’ into offices through the ventilation system to improve productivity, alertness, and other desirable effects for several years… but now the aroma therapy approach to marketing is threatening to expand dramatically.

The question is… how will this new twist impact the online approach?

Now THERE is a challenge worthy of the most inventive hardware/software geek!