Get ThunderBird and FireFox Already!

I’m not really into promoting software of one type over another — at least not publicly, but today I make an exception. It seems like an exceptional sort of day.

I’m not going to rant about MS or IE. Instead, I’m going to be more positive and proactive and tell you why you should consider the (in my humble opinion) best alternatives to MS IE and Outlook.

Now, I’m never shy about my advice in person- when clients ask what software they should use, for a particular application, I always offer my opinions and my experiences — the good, the bad and the ugly… from an e-mail and contact management handler to a graphics program and an HTML coding tool.

With that said, I feel compelled to tell you that since I went to Firefox instead of IE and since I adopted ThunderBird instead of Outlook, my issues with security have greatly diminished. And I’m a security gal…
Do I promote these free Mozilla-based programs? You betcha! Best thing, techie speaking, since optical mice. Ok, maybe they have been around a lot longer than optical mice� but you get the idea.

I’ve been using, and LOVING these programs for well over a year now. I don’t even “power up” IE except to check the view on a website during the production phase. If you want a great browser with all the bells and whistles, full control over what downloads via that browser and a simple interface, check out FireFox.

Aside from the security benefits- it has TABS! Which means I can do my usual, multi-tasking approach to web research and keep it all in one window – no more diving to the bottom of my screen to try to figure out which of those browser windows has the information I just found that I now need. No more “duck-duck-goose” styled handling of my open web browser windows. It’s neat, organized and topic-viewable across the top of my browser’s window. I love it.

For more information on ThunderBird, visit the mozilla site, where you can pick up a copy of FireFox too! And if you like it as much as I do, donate a buck or two to the cause. (It’s tax deductible!)