Podcasting, "video blogging" and the Newest Rages in Communication

You know, some people don’t understand blogging. Others don’t understand it until they get “hooked” by reading some… or in one of the most modern incarnations… listening to some.

But, in my humble opinion, way too many people in our society watch “created” reality TV. Not the real stuff, but the Hollywood version. That annoys me (as I’ve mentioned a couple times before). People are most fascinated with other people and their personal details. It’s a fact. So, if you want the “real deal” — why expect Hollywood to produce it?

Devour your “reality” raw – like vegetables, it’s better un-processed.

Now, the blogging approach to reality TV has taken off… and it’s affectionately known as “Pod Casting” because it’s reality radio you download and take with you on your IPOD…I’ve been working pretty hard to get my Treo to be my on the road solution… and now I’m going to have to research to see if there is an easy way to get Podcasts on it. There should be, with a simple MP3 format download, but I’ll look that up later today.

Not that I’m a big Pod Cast fan… I’ve not listened to any yet (that’s on the schedule for this afternoon)… but because it’s a new bend in an already twisted world of communication, advertising and online content.

And, because I adore it when the “little guys” do things that shock and rock the mainstream.

The first one I’m going to que up is the Drew and Dawn show — the sweethearts of the PodCasting world now (according to the early a.m. searches and research I’ve done.)

As far as the concept of this particular style of spell “casting” for Wicked…

I must admit that the concept of PODCasting would take alot less time than blogging — I talk a little faster than I type — but it would reach a different audience than the one I prefer right now… I want readers rather than listeners. This may change with more thought, and a voice version may be test launched later.

And as far as video blogging goes… although I respect this new twist, and may even investigate it in the future… it’s not the same as typing out my thoughts in solid text.

I think I may have found the “old fashioned” part of myself here… I prefer words to pictures. Now I must evaluate if I prefer the written word to the spoken word. That will take some thought.

Pictures versus words are an easy choice…

I think that if you are presented a picture, you have only one option for how to view it. But, if you are presented words… you bring your own experiences to the table and you envision the most appealing “picture” in your mind… based on your own experiences. It’s more personal. You are more active. It’s a less mentally sedentary endeavor.

But, all this is off the topic of PodCasting…

Right now, I’m going to go listen to a few… later I will decide if it’s something I might want to do.

Of course, since it takes me five or six times to record my voice mail message to my satisfaction, I’m not sure “speaking” my mind would be a quicker option. And as for the video blogging…that would mean I’d have to brush my hair and dress in something other than sweats early on a Sunday morning when I get the idea that I should come and blog… *shudder* — nah, that’s probably not going to happen for awhile.