Google is a Fickle Finder: Marketing Websites, Keyword Phrases and the Search Engines

Just last week, my blog was coming up on the first page of Google for, of all things, “mean things to say” as a search term… and even before I could determine if I was happy to be at number three on Google or merely alarmed to be “made famous” for that particular phrase… it was gone…Marketing on the web is always a challenge – ALWAYS. But the changes going on at the big boy search engines right now are making those of us who keep an eye on such things, nuts. NUTS I tell you!

Trying to find the right keyword phrases has always been a practice of the delicate combination of art and science. And, the artist in me enjoys that practice almost as much as the geek in me needs all things to be properly quantified.

Hopefully when this latest search engine overhaul is complete… content really will be king. The scuttlebutt is that keywords are going to hold less positioning power and that these changes are being implemented web-wide to prevent the horrid practice of LISTING keywords at the bottom of an index page to pump-up the rankings. I despise that practice because it creates an unnatural shift toward pages of little to no content and, frankly, it frustrates me.

Personally, the implementation of this change would thrill me. As a writer, and as a person using search engines dozens of times a day to locate the information I see, I think all “weight” should be on content. I have no desire to go to a page that “hooked” me on the search terms I have, but doesn’t offer me the answers or the information or the resources I seek.

As a marketing person, it’s difficult to work in the appropriate keywords the optimum number of times without making the text comical or without beating a visitor over the head with those particular phrases.

The geeklog engine I use for this blog spiders particularly well — even on unexpected little phrases that were a flippant entry about less than kind comments to my spouse on the anniversary of his birth. :O)

As the search engines get smarter, the quality of the content available on the web will improve… but until then, I will probably continue to be amused with what the SEs pick up as the most relevant words and phrases on my voluminous blog.

The blog has been submitted to a few blogging directories, but I’ve not overtly marketed this portion of my site. It remains fairly separate from Wicked WordCraft-my own space to stretch and yawn, to investigate the multicolored journeys my own mind will take when left to it’s own devices, and to ponder that which amuses or concerns me. And yet, on occasion Google and MSN search tend to find an interest in my little blog world, for the most unusual search terms.

It’s a telling little toy, this blog. I didn’t expect to lean quite so much about how people find my site as I have. Nor, did I plan to be so amused by how they find me… like with searches for “barking Nigerian goats” and “cuddly cows assembly company” and “radiant heaters for chicken coops.”

Although I’m a subsistence farmer at heart, and have done a bout with raising some goats… I find it odd that I’m popping up for listings so agricultural in nature.

Then again… maybe it’s just that so few people actually write in abundance about their farm or their desire to live on one.

I dunno… but it does keep me amused.