Should Blogs be Governed?

While sitting in a parking lot, awaiting my husband today, I went on the web on my Treo to do something I love, but seldom find the time to do lately – I perused the techie headlines. An AP Wire article caught my eye. Apparently, there is some controversy about whether or not blogs and bloggers should have to adhere to a “code of ethics” online.

You know, I’ve been a journalist, I’ve been in business for years, I’ve been president of an international professional organization, I’ve run a politician’s media campaign and I’ve served on a number of Boards and Committees in my day. In all of those instances, and even in my personal life, I am always aware of ethics, morals and the difference between right and wrong. My own version of those in my personal life, perhaps, but still – I’m a fan of ethics.

With that said, the idea of someone or some group telling me how to express my opinions on my own blog is enough to push me into a certified “hissy fit” …Now, you probably have to be from Kentucky, or know someone from our fair state (or at least the southeastern portion of the US to understand the full impact of someone having a real hissy.) You would, furthermore, need to know me personally to comprehend how vile and explosive such a fit can be.

But I’m telling you, the day that someone dictates what I can and can’t say here in my own little bought and paid for corner of the cyber ether – is the day I go to war.

You know, I try to be fair. I try not to say things that aren’t polite (most of the time) and I attempt to soften my hard views with humor. I don’t even mention how I feel about certain individuals here (an ex husband, for instance) for fear of offending and to remain ethically sound. But – to tell me that I can’t?!?! Oh nooooo. I’ll have none of that!

Now, usually my “farm” blogs are more “touchy-feely” and less about the business and more about my life – but I mark those so my readers can pick and choose what type of blog they want to read from me.

This topic, however crosses that divide, and leads me straight into “rant” right here on the Wicked Blog. Heck, I’m even tempted to go into my standard “in person” rant about the personal freedoms that are sacrificed daily by our current political system in the name of “national security” and other issues that (once started) I have a hard time stopping!!!

(grumbling to self)… Someone else telling me what to write, what to think, what to share .. how to share it?. I’ll be @%#$@!

-signing off for today.