New wave in advertising?

While cruizin’ along across the Internet recently, I found an example of a whole new breed of advertising — it is to television and online advertising what blogs are to newspapers and online articles. It’s personal — plus, it’s super-polished.

George Masters, a high school teacher in California, has developed a cool little retro “commercial” for the new IPod mini — and this little “fansite” piece is quite clean, crisp, cool and … well… better than most of the commercially produced stuff I’ve seen lately.

And the pundits are going wild… and it struck a marketing chord with me. Wired News ( has not only covered this new possible direction for online, consumer-driven advertising, they even offer online readers the opportunity to watch the 60-second show.

The online distribution of this snappy little piece has been impressive and will probably continue to grow — snowball-effect style — as more people see it.

Personally, I had to watch it several times. It’s just that cool. And I don’t usually like commercials — hence the whole “I don’t want commercial television, I’ll buy what I want to see on DVD thank you very much” mentality.

But, if you haven’t caught this creation from a 30-something who was just “playing around” with graphics — you really should:

Besides, I’ve never even considered the Ipod for myself, and after watching this – knowing it was created by a fan of the product – I found that my estimation of the product had gone WAY up. After all, he spent months producing this. He must really love it.

If testimonials are strong in the marketing world – this type of product loyalty demonstration is “super-strength!”