I’m not a gambler… really, I’m not…

You know, I teach the children not to gamble; that it’s just not wise… but it’s really hard to pass up a “sure thing” isn’t it?

While actually relaxing with my husband this weekend, we started a conversation about blood types. I mentioned something about O+ being the most common, and he said something about A+ being the most common.

And the bet was on…He was rather “smug” about the fact that I was, in fact, wrong about this. Completely, undeniably wrong. He was so sure that he was right; it nearly shook my own faith in what I’d said…

But we waged a bet.

He could have anything he wanted and I could have anything I wanted… depending on who was correct.

I wagered that if O+ was the most common blood type, that he would quit working on the cabin this week and dedicate all his worktime to completing my office. It’s already insulated and wired, but I needed it to have wallboard, mudded seams, a ceiling and floors and PAINT.

When it was his turn to say what he wanted. He said the sweetest thing… that he already had everything that he wanted, and that just being right was enough.

It almost made me decline to bet, he was so sweet. And, he was so dang self-assured and cocky about it, I really did begin to wonder if all my life I’ve had that fact wrong.

To make a short story even shorter… Wayne spent the day putting ceilings up in my office today. And it’s now been unshakably established that I am a lousy winner.

I’ve always thought being a sorry loser was only topped by being a bad winner — and here I found myself dancing around and singing and giggling at him whenever I thought about it. He was tolerant and sweet, as always. I’m surprised he didn’t stoop to throwing things at me.

With that confession made… I must say… I’m THRILLED that my office will be complete by this time next week.

Life is very, VERY good. :O)

Funny thing… he’s suddenly unwilling to ever bet with me about anything … ever again. Go figure. <giggle>