Discouragement and rainy weather

Seems that when the leaves start to fall, my mood follows their path.

It’s nearly winter now, and there is still so much to do before snow flies. As I look around the place, I see everything that is NOT done, long before I see what has been accomplished.

I’m not satisfied with my life right now… so I begin the quest to make it all better… and that usually involves creating a PLAN…

The plan, which usually begins to materialize every fall following a week or so of unhappiness, almost always involves new technology.

To be so vocal about living simply — to preach about paring down as much as I do… it seems that I always seek my answers in more complication. What’s up with THAT?

Of course THIS year will be different. And, of course, I say that to myself EVERY year.

I’ve made my office mobile, but my life is … well… stuck.

I don’t keep things organized enough to suit me. I don’t keep things clean enough to suit me. My personal details are out of control.

Never mind that I work all the time lately. Never mind that I do so for a good cause (getting the cabin up). Never mind that it’s a short term situation.

Never mind because it always seems to be something. Something else I must do before things calm down. Something else that I must complete before I can relax, And just a few more accomplishments before I can begin to enjoy life.

What rubbish!

I’m ready to start living now… yesterday even. Now, all I have to do is to determine how I can possibly accomplish that with all this STUFF hanging over my head… with the cabin almost, but not quite finished. With the building that will be my home for Wicked WordCraft in place and sitting there uninhabited. With my office in shambles and stacks of things I need to organize and put away… and no place available to put them.

The “a place for everything” philosophy goes out the window when you live in such tight quarters, with so little storage space amid such lifestyle disruptions as building a new house and hobbling along in a home office that’s not NEARLY private enough to suit.

GRRRRrrrr. Still looking for that plan. It will come. Eventually. Always does.