My chariot awaited…

As the struggle to carve out a life in the woods has continued, one of the most challenging aspects has been defining work space.

Yes, I work “virtually” — and that should reduce my need for… well… something.

I’ve found that it doesn’t. Yes, I can work from anywhere, so long as I have my laptop. That’s true. But, an ideal work environment requires a bit more than that… I need my reference books, my comfortable chair, my ergonomic keyboard (monster that it is), my wireless mouse, my paper files (yes, I still have those, although probably not as many as most folks do), my “special” things, my photos, my STUFF!

I need a clear expanse of desktop to CALL me to write. Even when the computer is my most often used writing tool, I still like to take pen in hand from time to time and write the old fashioned way.

Even when typing, I’m more productive when not all cramped up. Cleared desk space (which is a rare commodity under the current work conditions) is amazingly helpful to the creative process.

I need a room with a view.

I need a PRIVATE room with a view.

I love my family, adore my kids, think my husband is “all that” and more — but to work effectively, I need my own space. Creative space, quiet space, space to THINK.

And Daphne knew that. She’s been the one to listen to me bellyache about it for nearly five years now.

She’s the one that has urged me to quit feeling guilty and insist on my own office space… NOW, not later.

When I back down, she’s the upturned needle that prevents me from sitting on my haunches and feeling literally beaten down with the whole concept of a seperate office, a private place.

Whenever I go down that path, everyone else says “wait” or “it will come in time” or “children first, business later.” She’s the one that reminds me that it’s the business that’s taking the lion’s share of my time every day, she’s the one that reminds me that the children have been supported by this business for the last several years, she’s the one that dares me to feel guilty for wanting some space to call MINE.

She’s the one…

That had my office delivered while I was in China!!!!!

It’s a little dollhouse. In fact, my father and my husband both nicknamed it “Angela’s Playhouse” long before I ever saw it.

It’s a little 8×12 building jammed to the brim with large windows to give me an incredible view. It’s light, it’s roomy, it’s MINE MINE ALL MINE!

I’m thrilled.

She even painted the door dark green to match the green roof (which matches the roof on our cabin) and she special ordered a door with a cut and beveled glass inset because she knew my dream office would have a clear beveled glass panel in it.

Best friends listen REALLY closely, I’ve determined. REALLY CLOSELY.

It even has the metal type of railing around it that I hope to get for the cabin’s porch when we have a bit extra to spend. And, it has a window box on the tiny porch — full of purple pansies.

It really is a dollhouse.

The inside is under construction now. I put up some 2x4s this weekend in the corners to prepare to level out for wallboard. Hubby was out in it until nearly 10 p.m. last night working on the wiring.

I’m certain that my child-like, footstomping and whining about “But I want it NOW!” had nothing to do with his decision to work on it yesterday.

Daphne and I are meeting for dinner tonight and a shopping trip to Lowes. I will be buying my flooring for the office — a beautiful multi-colored natural slate. And I’ll be purchasing a ceiling fan with blades that look like…. feather quills. How much more appropriate could that be?

Daphne has looked into some pottery classes so that she and I can take the kids and let them decorate some black tiles to intersperse their own art among the slate on my office floor. She and I will be working on recreating my logo on a series of tiles to place in the center of the floor.

The interior of the door will be purple, of course, and she’s having the color I selected special-blended. I hope to get that painted this weekend.

As soon as we complete the wiring, we will be insulating and putting up walls. Although Daphne offered a beautiful wood panel for the walls, I think I’m going to install plasterboard so I can paint on it at will.

My elegant-witchy-writing shack should be completed soon. And I can’t wait to move in! It will probably take months to get all the built-in shelves, special trim and extra touches that I want, but I should be able to begin work complete with electric and satellite cable — by the end of this month. That is my hope.

Once I’m in, the environment will evolve with the treasures I find here and there.

It’s quite exciting!

And although the building is a HUGE gift, the real gift here is peace of mind. I had resigned myself to finishing up the cabin, moving in and doing all the work needed there, paying off any lingering bills from the cabin itself and THEN beginning the process of planning for an office. I had accepted (unhappily, I might add), that the dream of an office for me was one that would wait for probably a year or more.

Now, of course, my patience is paper thin. I have the cute little building sitting there STARING at me… begging me to hurry up and move in. So I’m a bit impatient to get that done.

But above all… now, I’ll have an office that is the office — with a door and a lock. Now, I’ll go to work in the morning and in the evening, I’ll close and lock the door behind me and walk across the yard to my home and my family… and the two will finally have a proper and just separation.

THAT will be the best gift of all.

THANKS DAPHNE! (You truly ARE amazing!)