The cabin progresses

As my father has worked to build the cabin, and I have worked to buy supplies for the same project… I had all but given up on having an office at any point in the near future.

Building a home for the family was more important. My current office set-up would have to just “do” for several more months, maybe even a year.

Of course, my friend Daphne disagreed. She’s the little angel and alternately the little devil on my shoulder, belting out orders (which shoulder and which role depends both on her mood and what she feels I need most at the time). She continually encouraged me to get a place to work where I would be comfortable and happy.

Originally, the cabin was going to be my office. My rationale was that I spent 16 or more hours a day in my office, and that I didn’t get a break. The kids went to school, I stayed here. I worked here, I lived here, I relaxed here… I was always HERE.

My parents disagreed that the office should get priority over a new primary residence. Mom disagreed often — every chance she got.

Then, my father said adding an extra level to the office-cabin, wouldn’t cost any more than the loft I’d planned. I wanted a loft so the kids and I could sleep there in case of an emergency, or so we could house guests should that ever be necessary.

So the cabin/office grew. It grew to two floors. The kids now each had a room upstairs. I decided that this would be a temporary house for us until I could get the “real” house built.

The three of us would live there, a bit cramped, but still with more square footage than we have now. It would work.

Then I started dating and it got serious. Then I married. And now, I’ve had to rethink the cabin.

Now, we have plans not to build another house, but rather to carefully plan the cabin to meet our needs and have determined that once there is time and money, we will extend the cabin with an addition.

Right now, every square inch is planned. And every square inch has a purpose. There is no wasted space. In a dwelling this tiny… we can’t afford even an inch to be wasted.

When I look at the plans, it amazes me how efficiently “packaged” our little cabin is going to be. I believe that we will be fine and will even be comfortable there — all four of us — even before the addition is undertaken.

We will also be digging a new septic — probably next spring — rather than pumping it over to the existing system. But, for now… using the existing septic is our only option, financially.

We may even be bathing and using the “facilities” in the old dwelling rather than pumping to the septic this winter. We are still trying to determine how to do this most efficiently, with the most care to protect our farm, woods and creeks here.

Right now, we are just trying to finish all we can before snow flies.