Blogging again

It took some time to make it back home, recover from the trip and get my business back “under control” from the trip.

The most shocking thing, upon my return, is how much I felt like I’d been hit by a truck. It took a solid week of sleepwalking to begin to feel normal again. Jet-lag is horrid.

It is good to be back in Kentucky again. I missed home. I’ve decided that, although I want to travel, perhaps I’ll do it just a little at a time, rather than taking off to tour the entire world all in one fell swoop. It’s exhausting.

Jane says the baby is wonderful (which of course was never in doubt) and that she didn’t even cry when she got her shots upon her return home.

The Chinese culture is one I’ll respect for the rest of my life…but one of the things that it brought home to me the hardest was how lucky I am here. How rare it is to own land, and how much for granted I have taken this farm.

Yes, I worked for it. Yes, I’ve sacrificed for it. Yes, I nearly starved getting things going so I could live here and do what I love. But I’d not trade it for any amount of money. The ability to live here, in relative peace and solitude, is something much more rare than I ever knew.

I’m truly blessed.