Mobile society in person

Before coming to China, I read quite a bit about the growth of mobile and the push to increase that use by the mobile companies.

Now that I’m here, mobile phones are EVERYWHERE! And I thought Americans were bad about their mobile phones going everywhere.

Part of me stands out because of my european features, but I think not having a cell phone around my neck or on my hip makes me even more of a minority in this city of 30 million!

I think one of the best pictures I can paint is the one I saw two days ago… There were three young girls crossing a busy street, with their arms locked at the elbow and all three of them were on their individual cell phones.

These “best friends” were physically together, but talking to what I must assume was someone else while together.

After talking to our guide, I learned that the goverment sponsors the growth of the coverage areas here, that all of Beijing is covered by cell towers, and that 15-20% of an individual’s income here goes to a cell phone bill.

No wonder the market is growing for mobile web and cell service at such an incredible rate in this country. And with the population here, those figures must be staggering.

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