Gottcha Day

Today we picked up Maddie from the Civil Affairs office here in Chonquing. She is a beautiful baby. She’s happy, and even laughed with Jane within the first hour. She loves having her picture made, grinning and chomping her four existing teeth. She has three others threatening to come in on the top and is chewing on EVERYTHING.

Jane is in heaven and the baby is a good-tempered young lady. She’s sitting up, but not terribly efficiently yet. We made a few Gottcha Day pictures that we hope to post when we return to the states.

She’s a beautiful little girl, with a personality that is as sunny and fair as she is.

Jane says that today is the happiest day of her life, and the best. She also giggled (this woman who has been uptight for days — for some reason!!) and said “You know, nothing else really matters anymore.” It made me laugh. Funny how becoming a Mom can change everything about your life in a matter of seconds, isn’t it?

Now that she has Maddie, she didn’t even put her watch back on this afternoon — says that she doesn’t care what time it is.

Michael has been a wonderful support for her, and cried as much as she did when the baby came out. It’s sweet.

It’s nearly time to go to dinner now, so I’ll write more as I can.

Cherie – we will be coming in on United from Hong Kong (arrival time at 6 p.m.) and do not have the flight number.

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