Left Beijing tonight

After a day that was FULL of activities, we have settled in for the night in Chongqing. The hotel here is lovely — which is especially nice following the most gruelling airplane flight of my life. It was long, it was sweltering hot and it was stuffy. But, this city is amazing by night and I can’t wait to see it during the day.

The population here is 30 million — yes million! Inside the downtown area are over 7 million alone.

This hotel has a 24 hour business center (which is why I’m in here at 12:35 a.m. Kentucky time, updating the blog.)

Tomorrow is “gottcha” day, and I don’t know if I’ll have time to write with the new little one with us.

We should meet Maddy tomorrow at 2 p.m. local time. Jane is quite excited, and it all came home to her, I think, when her room contained a crib. She literally squealed. LOL.

Today’s activities included viewing the Forbidden City, Tienanmen Square, a tour of a Cloisonne factory (where we watched the artisans at work) and then, we walked the Great Wall…

Ok, maybe some of the group walked the great wall, and others of us huffed and puffed and crawled our way up. But, the fact is, I made it high enough to have an incredible view, to take pictures to PROVE that I got up that high, and the locals didn’t point and laugh too much.

I call that a success.

The Forbidden City was incredible. The details, the architecture, the whole “experience” was awesome. I do hope the new camera properly captured the things I snapped.

We are utterly exhausted, but I’m still having difficulty getting my schedule straight for the local time zone.

Seeing the Forbidden City and the Great Wall and then this City has helped me to see a marked difference now between our countries. Beijing was quite similar to any US city in many ways, but here, the flavor of this history rich culture is starting to become obvious even to my uneducated eyes.

I wish we had more time to view each thing. I could have spent a whole day just in the Forbidden City, with only a camera, my journal and a day of good weather.

The weather here is lovely.

We will be staying in this city until September 29th, and then will hop to Guangzhou for a single day and then will be flying out of Hong Kong.

Today, honestly, ran me ragged. I hope to feel a little less overwhelmed by staying still (at least in the same city) for a few days.

Tomorrow Jane becomes a mother, ending nearly 18 months of limbo. Tomorrow her new life begins. What a blessing that she invited me to share it with her.

I can’t begin to tell everything I’ve seen and some of it is still sinking in now… but it’s late and I’m tired, so I’ll write more when I can.

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