A gift arrives from a client

After working with a lovely woman in England for the last two years, a fantastic “thank you” gift arrived over the holiday weekend… Bronwyn Robertson of www.TheArtsVA.com has been a client since she decided to launch her VA practice. Located in England, she and her husband are acting folks, steeped in the Shakespearean tradition. She works with Theatres and artistic types in her practice, helping to keep them organized and profitable. He is an actor and a sonnet writer.

As a celebration of our two-year anniversary, she asked her husband to write a sonnet for me. Bron, knowing my personal history from the blogs, gave him the information and he wrote the following:


Single mum in Small-town, USA
Twice a wife supporting Uncle Sam,
Not willingly the urban price would pay
So to the wild she turned to say I am!
Forsaking neon lights for wooded stars,
Giving up the taps for running stream,
Striving with her heart to live sans bars,
Changing life from nightmare to her dream.
Stripped of all our wants down to our needs
Sharpens all our senses top to toe
For ’tis on careless wants that dark sins feed
Removed, our truer selves we get to know.
With WickedWord dot com she works her charm
From her Kentucky home, Angels Roost Farm.

I think this is one of the sweetest things anyone has ever done for me. Imagine… a sonnet!

After talking with them both this morning, and thanking them both for being so sweet, Bron shared that they were launching a website for his sonnets.

His company name is Arthur’s Accolades Sonnets and he can be reached at arthur@TheArtsVA.com, if anyone else needs a sonnet for special occasions, for that special someone and for a gift that really makes an impact.

Arthur says “Flowers fade… sonnets are forever” and now, I’m a believer!

Thanks to you both for being so sweet!