Feeling the need to reflect.

I guess it’s because the weather has started to turn chilly, it seems that on a regular schedule… I start re-evaluating my life, where I am, where I want to be, and how I need to approach getting there. I also think about the world, politics, privacy and how all aspects of my world tend to collide. The website is looking up. I’m pleased with the progress. I do have many farm entries still to make from the old archives (if I determine that I am, indeed, brave enough to bare my soul for all of those.) We shall see.

Lately I’ve been pondering things like personal privacy, like the government’s right to get into my life, the real impact of the Patriot act, the son of patriot, the actions of our government overseas, the fear in our citizens at home, the new push for cross referencing identities (like the fact that you can’t renew your driver’s license if your social security card doesn’t match it exactly and report the same address and other “essential” information) and the whole concept of who gets in your business.

Perhaps it seems a bit strange to be blogging online while spouting concerns about privacy. But it’s the difference between what I WANT to share and what I’m FORCED to share. That’s all.

I didn’t move out here, in the middle of nowhere, because I wanted to invite intrusion. I moved out here to do my own thing. To raise my kids in my own way – a more natural and wholesome approach to parenting. Wayne likes the quiet and the country life as much as I do, which is truly a comfort to me.

The kids can’t imagine growing up in the city, although Derrick plans to trot off to New York or Chicago to expand his education when he comes of age – and I encourage that. But, you should have a say in how much privacy you need, how much “separateness” you desire, and how protected your liberty is to pursue your own definition of happiness.

It bothers me that I can’t take a nail clipper or nail file on a plane (I always get a darn snag on the tip of a nail anytime I have to wiggle into pantyhose these days). I mean REALLY– how dangerous am I — armed with such implements? And here in this tiny, rural town… I can’t carry my purse in to renew my driver’s license. After two trips to the car to unload my metal (nail clippers, files, change dropped into the bottom, and then finally tweezers.) I must beg the question:

What am I going to do, PLUCK someone to death?

Ok, maybe I’m being a bit left-wing here- but all this loss of freedom, all these scare tactics, all this is a hampering of my rights to move about unfettered with intrusive rules and regulations. Well, those freedoms all seems to be threatened now.

And, I understand now, that I’m not even welcome to walk in a bank or my credit union if I’m wearing a hat, a scarf, sunglasses or a hood?!?!

Now, my mother taught me that it was rude to wear a hat indoors, and that one should never talk to someone while wearing sunglasses. So, I’d probably not do it anyway – so it doesn’t even really affect me – but it gripes my butt that now even financial institutions are dictating such things as my mode of dress.

Without much regret, I’d just work online, buy what I need exclusively online (what I can’t secure at the local Mennonite community store), and do my banking online. However, since the government can now monitor my e-mail, my phone conversations and search the contents of my computer without supplying real evidence for the need, or a search warrant to do that – it’s not feeling really safe to do that either.

Ok, I guess it’s time to end this rant before I start linking in the quotes I remember in Revelations from my Bible as Literature class back in college, because that just gives me huge goosebumps at this point in the time line of the world and technological development. Goosebumps, I say!

After completing my whole rant to my husband in the wee hours of the a.m., I asked him to honestly tell me if I sounded like a lunatic. He, quite PC as usual, said that taking any one section of it, it would seem that my concerns were a bit reactionary – but that when I lay it out all like that and make everything relate to everything else that now he’s more concerned than he was before – and he needs to give it some more thought. Since it was nearly 2 a.m. at that point, I settled down and we slept.

Until next time, when I’ve had more sleep and have digested less “legislative language” online.