Creating a WAP Real Estate Website: Make Mine Mobile!

You have spent quite a bit of time and money to create a graphically pleasing, quality website to lure in visitors and capture potential new clients. You now have a presence on the Web and you consider yourself fairly savvy in the arena of Internet and online marketing and you are looking for your next challenge —the next BIG splash.

You may already have it — it may be clipped to your hip, dropped in your purse or… it may be ringing as you read this.

The next big “splash” may be as tiny as the screen on your web-enabled cell phone. Before you dismiss it based on diminutive size and a lack of high-impact graphics… remember that a single drop of water can cut through rock and many such droplets together can create a Grand Canyon. Your cell phone, a standard tool for voice communications, can now be your next step in the world of web marketing with text.

A tiny mobile version of your website can now be uploaded via the web to be accessible to anyone with a web enabled phone. And, although this technology is still seemingly primitive in comparison to your full-sized sites, it’s moving forward at an impressive clip!

Text is king in mobile sites. Personally, I love that fact. Since your palette, the mobile device screen, size is small – the ‘real estate’ there is precious. Your words must be selected carefully. Your visitors must scroll to read. You should keep that in mind when determining content for a mobile site. A mobile site is read in a method similar to an e-book.

Be sure your information is easy to navigate. Your text should be broken into short paragraphs that lend themselves to scrolling on tiny screens. Your information shouldn’t be merely self-promotional; it must hold real value for your mobile audience. Your site will be viewed during what would otherwise be “down time” – when mobile users are waiting for their next meeting, in the airport waiting on a plane, when time may be limited.

Once a mobile user discovers your site, they will be more likely to bookmark it for easy future visits than they would your full featured website on their computer. Unlike regular Internet, this area isn’t yet overflowing with quality informational sites. There are many blogs (web logs and journal sites), there are also many promotional sites, but real content isn’t that common and navigation isn’t as simple as the point and click on your desktop or laptop. This gives you an advantage if you enter this playing field now, as it develops. Use it.

Your mobile web audience doesn’t believe in wasting time. They stay “plugged up” and “tuned in” to the world of technology to stay productive and your site must offer them real benefit.

This is the place for brief, concise and targeted “How-To” guides for the home buyer and home seller. This is the place to offer guidance and be of service, to show your expertise gracefully, not to merely promote yourself. By providing quality information, you will naturally gain the attention of those on the cutting edge of technology and will be seen as a trailblazer yourself.

If you have quality content on your full website, you can firm it up and target it for a mobile audience in a relatively short period of time. I visited the Wireless Ink site to get a feel for this new technology and had my own wireless version of Wicked WordCraft up in just a few hours. For those of you currently mobile web-enabled, the mobile URL is

One of my most technologically advanced real estate clients, Miguel Berger of (appropriately named) TechValley Homes Real Estate ( in upstate New York, agreed to let me use him as a guinea pig for this technology platform for a Real Estate site.

Having done my own site, it took less than two hours to get him on the wireless web. His full website is content rich, and I merely had to set up the site and transfer some of the choicest articles to the mobile site and target the introduction to appeal to the mobile audience. This site is located mobile URL:

Within 24 hours, both mobile sites were visible on the main search engines. Both were also selected as “editors choice” sites for the content, quality and presentation and I had a personal call from the co-founder of the Wink site congratulating me on making the editor’s choice cut and asking more about my services and how thought the mobile concept would benefit others. What a fantastic return on a few hours work!

My own site has been up about a month now and I’ve had five new potential clients contact me overseas as well as here in the USA to learn more about my business because they saw my mobile site.

Next month, I’ll review my conversation with Wireless Ink co-founder, Dave Harper, and give you some pointers on writing styles and considerations for launching your own mobile site.

Until then, seriously consider going mobile and making this your business’ next step in to effectively use the latest available technology.

© Copyright 2004 by Angela Allen Parker of Wicked Wordcraft

This article first appeared
in the “Word Magic” column at in September 2004.