Wallboard delivered

Lowes delivered the wallboard again today. They attempted delivery last Tuesday in the pouring rain and seemed a bit put off when we declined delivery…We were told that only a few boards got wet and that we could “tarp it or something” until the rain stopped.

There was no way we could have moved all that stuff indoors before half of it was ruined and I told them so. The “manager” said (by phone) that it was clear when they left the dock, and I told him that since we had no more control over the weather than he did, perhaps the driver should have returned to the store at the half-way point when it began pouring and he had to pull off and try to cover the boards.

Everything is always such a hassle, isn’t it?

But, the board was delivered today with only one piece of 12 foot totally destroyed and a few other pieces nicked on the side. But that’s another battle for another day.

For now… we now have enough wallboard to do the entire interior! We took the 12 foot pieces in (except for the one that the forklift chopped in two) and once my work day slows down… we will get the 8 foot pieces moved inside.

It really IS clear today, so we have a little time.