Siding is complete

Today, two things of note happened…we completed the siding on the cabin. Huge news, great stuff. Of course, I’ve been so tired lately; I wasn’t as appreciative as I should have been. Tonight I will sleep more and hopefully be a bit more human in the a.m.

The siding was finished over the weekend; except for the corner pieces and some trim work over the porch.

The porch is truly incredible — it’s HUGE, especially considering the diminutive size of the cabin itself. I can’t wait to hang our porch swing and begin enjoying it. Pops has loaned us one until we can find exactly what we want. It may take quite some time to find the 6′ long super-heavy duty swing that we seek, but we will find it eventually. We want one long enough for comfortable naps.

The cabin looks great! The deep brown siding and green metal roof makes it blend into the surroundings, just as I had hoped it would. The outside is now “polished” looking, but there is still so much work to do inside, that I’m beginning to think that having it ready by winter is too ambitious a goal. I hope not, but there are still so many things to be done inside.

Alexzandria has decide that she doesn’t want purple carpet after all – I asked her last week if she would like to have paint on her floor instead. A painting of the yellow brick road. She was delighted. I hope to do the yellow brick road, leading to the largest unbroken wall, and plan to paint a mural of the Emerald City and, of course, a rainbow.

Derrick is still planning the details of his room, but I fully expect murals on every wall. He’s quite the artist, and I’ve promised he can do anything he wants in his room — so long as he primes all the walls back to white before leaving for college.

The second great thing that happened today was my father caught a “vine” snake for me — I tiny green tree-type snake. This is my favorite kind of snake in the world. I spent most summers with as a kid, running the farm with one like this one “looped” around my neck like a necklace.

I was a tomboy, what can I say? They are bright lime green and extremely docile. I’ve only seen one on this farm in the years I’ve been here, and he had been “squished” by the dozer. That really bothered me. I’ve never seen a live one in Kentucky — I thought they were only in Tennessee, until the dozer incident.

Anyway, Pops came in (while I was on the phone with a client today with this tiny little guy wrapped around a couple fingers. I never interrupt a client call for anything, but I asked them to hold just a moment, so I could squeal with the phone on mute.

My fine husband brought me a large, clear vase and we dropped him down in it so I could watch him while working this afternoon.

I’ll have to release him tomorrow — you can’t keep them in captivity, they won’t eat. Usually, you can keep them for several days or even a week, but this little guy is so small, I’m afraid to keep him more than just a few hours.

Besides, I want him to go forth and multiply. I’d love it if Alexzandria had the same joy with them that I always did.