Mobile Site is Editor’s Choice’s new mobile website was recently selected as the Editor’s Choice site by online community.

August 01, 2004 — Wicked WordCraft ( recently launched a mobile website in the Wireless Ink community ( The mobile site:, will enable individuals with any web enabled device to access Wicked WordCraft’s company information as well as general business articles and marketing articles for real estate agents and virtual assistants.

According to Wicked WordCraft owner, Angela Allen Parker, “This is another way Wicked WordCraft caters to the needs of our more mobile, more high-tech clientele. Wicked’s clients are interested in learning more about online branding, Internet marketing and running their businesses more efficiently. Small business owners don’t have any time to waste, and the mobile website will allow them immediate, convenient access wherever they may be. Now, the time spent waiting in a doctor’s office, traveling on the subway, or waiting for a plane can be time to read, research and stay abreast of issues that affect their industry. Mobile web technology makes sense for entrepreneurs, business owner, and other individuals with limited time and unlimited desire to learn.”

Although mobile sites are primarily text based at this point, there is a growing upsurge in the demand for graphics targeted to the miniature screen of cell phones and PDAs. Soon, this new way of disseminating information and doing business on the web will look and feel more like the traditional Internet.

“Until then,” says Parker “text is the primary resource here. Content has always been ‘king’ on the Internet, but even the already unique style of web site writing must be altered a bit to ensure that the new mobile web content is easy to read, lends itself to scrolling, and provides valuable information. When the screen is this small, it should be filled with dynamic web content that gives the most information in the shortest amount of
screen real estate.”

The editors of the Winksite community voted Wicked WordCraft’s new mobile site as an “editor’s choice” within a few hours of the time the site went live. “It was a great honor to be named as an ‘Editor’s Choice’ site, especially so quickly,” said Parker, “it tells me that Wicked WordCraft has a winning approach to writing for this new medium.”

Wicked WordCraft is a professional writing services, Internet marketing and online branding company serving small business clients, real estate agents, coaches, financial consultants and entrepreneurs in the USA and abroad.