How to Write (and Distribute) Press Releases 101 (Part IV)

You have written a well-polished, newsworthy press release, now what?

This final article in the press release series offers tips and resources for online and off line media venues for press release distribution.

Press Releases 101 (Part IV)

When you complete your press release, you will want to get it into as many online and offline venues as possible. Never miss an opportunity to use your press releases to drive traffic to your website and to improve the quality and quantity of your incoming links —and here’s how.

Most people consider press releases merely something to send to their local paper, but that is just the tip of the iceberg. With a new press release in your hand, you should consider the following tips and resources:

  • When sending it to your local paper, be sure to send it to the correct editor – address it to them by name. It will only take a two-minute phone call to learn the name of the local business editor, lifestyle editor, or the specific newspaper section you are targeting.
  • Send it to the newsletter editor of any of your professional organizations, if you think it’s something that may turn into a story. Don’t settle for the local branch or division of your organization. If it’s a part of a larger regional, national, or international organization — be sure to send your information in to the parent organization’s newsletter or website for possible inclusion. Get the contact information by searching for the organization name.
  • Consider sending your press release in to a trade publication related to your own business or specific PR news item. To select from a list of trade publications, go to
  • Some college alumni organizations publish regular newsletters, which spotlight the accomplishments of their former students. Check to see if yours does. Usually these submissions can be done by e-mail.
  • Send your press release to papers in nearby smaller and/or larger cities. If you want a comprehensive listing of newspapers in your area (or any other area) visit,, and
  • Send it to radio stations in your area that interview individual professionals and/or announce information about businesses.
  • Send your press release to a web-radio station and offer to be interviewed. You can find an extensive list of web-based radio stations at:,, and
  • Online classic,, offers a free submission option for anyone with a press release. Although these are “reviewed and approved” before inclusion, I’ve never seen one rejected. Other online submission options include and (URL no longer works).

Although there are many other ways to “get the news out” few are as cost-effective as press releases and few other marketing methods will draw the attention of the media.

And, after all, the best possible result of a press release is a phone call from a journalist who has decided to do an article on you and your business! You can’t PAY for advertising of that caliber.

Now, go — And start distributing those press releases!

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