This Month Marks the Beginning of a New Era for IVAA

A statement of thanks as a new Board term begins for IVAA (the International Virtual Assistants Association — from Kentucky writer, Virtual Assistant, and immediate past president Angela Allen Parker:

Progressive and forward-looking, this young Virtual Assistant Industry continues to develop and mature, to seek and find new client markets, and to define and market valuable niche services. I have been fortunate enough to watch from an excellent vantage point as this industry breaks new ground, as it is “discovered” by new client industries, as the value of our members is recognized by a wider number of “mainstream” businesses, and as my peers and other seasoned VAs grow their own businesses to a degree that exceeds their wildest dreams.It’s an exciting time to be a Virtual Assistant, and a rewarding time to be a small business owner on the Internet — making a living using the latest technology available.

March 31st marked my last day in the role of President of IVAA and on April 1st I handed the reigns to a new, exceedingly capable and energetic Board of Directors.

It is with great pride and pleasure that I have served this industry, this organization, and its members. I have enjoyed the challenges, the joys, and even the “growing pains” of this position. I will always be proud to have served this fine organization of highly skilled and dedicated entrepreneurs. I eagerly await the upcoming developments as this organization and this industry continue to grow and prosper.

I wish all the best for the new Board, the existing and future volunteers, and this organization as it continues to flourish under the power of those dedicated and compelled to make this way of work, and this way of life, accessible to others. I would like to extend a personal thank you to each of the volunteers that touched IVAA this last year helping to make it stronger and more valuable to the VA Industry.

Although I’m anxious to get back to a less “visible” role in IVAA and am looking forward to more effectively managing the growth in my own business, I consider it a gift to have had the opportunity to work for a volunteer organization of this caliber.

Thank you for giving me that opportunity,
Angela Allen Parker

Note: This letter appeared in the April 2004 issue of the IVAACast.