Bookmark Your Place In Memory: Marketing Ideas for Real Estate Agents

Become memorable to your clients and potential clients with marketing ideas for Realtors®, real estate agents and other small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Print a standard bookmark with uncommonly useful information and use it as a marketing giveaway welcomed by your clients.

Bookmark Your Place In Their Memory

When someone inquires about moving into the area, do you have a giveaway to
offer? When a resident drops in to check on properties for sale, can you hand
them something tangible they will use? Is it something featuring your name that
they will still be using next year? Would you like it to be? Here is an easy,
quick and very inexpensive way to achieve all of this and more.

Consider providing a quick reference laminated card for your clients and potential
clients. Think in terms of a thick bookmark, about 2.5 inches by 7 inches, complete
with tassel. And call it the “PhoneBook BookMark.”

At a minimum, this card should include the names and phone numbers of those
offices most important to someone new to the area, or moving within the area.
As you hand it to them, or drop it in your first letter to them, say “I’ve
collected these numbers to save you time, just keep it in your phonebook for
a quick reference.”

Select an eye-catching color to frame the information while branding your
company and name, but keep the background for text standard white and be sure
the font you use is easy to read.

What should you include? Any numbers essential to residents in your local
area. It’s always a good idea to customize the categories for your area.
You may even want to include website or e-mail information. Whatever information
you decide to include, don’t crowd the card. If it’s difficult to
read, it won’t be used.

I’ve included a few general categories to help get you started:

Emergency Numbers:
Police Department
Fire Department
Poison Control Center
24-hour Pharmacy

Electric Company
Water Company
Gas Company
Telephone Company
Cable Company
ISP providers
Cell Phone

Government and Public Offices:
Driver License
County Court Clerk Office
City Hall
Social Security Office
Health Department
Employment Services
Planning and Zoning
Department of Sanitation

Parks and Recreational Areas:

Department of Tourism Office
State Parks
Swimming Pool

Schools and Libraries:
Elementary School
Middle School/Jr High School
High School
Public Library

Healthcare Providers:

Real Estate Agent:
Your name and number here, of course!

Home Repair and Maintenance Repair Services:
Lawn Care Services
Home Center Stores

Not for Profit Information:
Humane Society
Ministerial Association
Chamber of Commerce

Be sure to include your information at the bottom of the bookmark on both

Compliments of…

Joe Agent
“Come Sell With Us — to Sell with Ease”

Once you collect this information don’t forget to add it to your website.
You can have a more extensive contact list on the website and keep it updated
with websites, links and e-mail addresses. Be sure to direct clients to your
website from the laminated bookmark for a more complete listing.

People appreciate information provided in a quick, easy to find, legible format.
Give your clients this gift the next time you plan a marketing giveaway. If
you don’t have any marketing materials yet, perhaps this should be your

Happy Marketing!

© Copyright 2004 by Angela Allen Parker of Wicked Wordcraft

This March 2004 article appears in the monthly “Word Magic” column
in the newsletter.