Local Entrepreneur In Business Week

(Dunnville, KY September 11, 2003) – Angela L. Allen of Wicked WordCraft (www.WickedWordCraft.com) put Dunnville, Kentucky in the pages of Business Week Magazine this week. As a Virtual Assistant, and the President of the International Virtual Assistants Association (ivaa.org), Allen and one of her New York clients were interviewed on the role of this new high tech industry and its importance to mobile, wired, and wireless business entrepreneurs in the current economy.Allen runs her writing and marketing business from a farm on the edge of Casey County and serves clients in England and Bermuda as well as clients in New York, California, Florida, Texas, Georgia, and Nevada.

“I stay extremely busy,” says Allen who began offering VA services in 2000, “The sluggish economy is actually helping this industry grow. People who need specialized services like the ones I offer are discovering Virtual Assistance and realizing that they don’t need to pay full-time salaries and benefits to get the expertise they seek. My business caters to those business owners, real estate agents, coaches, and authors who need a hired gun for a special writing projects or for ongoing marketing consultation.”

With a VA career, Allen says she couldn’t be happier. “I have the best clients imaginable. And I have the freedom to work with only the people I enjoy, on projects I love in my areas of expertise, and I enjoy daily contact with individuals in a network of specialist peers worldwide. Who could ask for more?” Allen says the hours can be long, but if you enjoy what you do, the hours aren’t important. “Enjoying your work, creating an end product that makes you proud, while improving the business life of your clients is its own reward.”

And how lucrative is this business? “The first couple years were a real struggle. I wanted to live in an untouched, rural area. To accomplish this, I had to build a road nearly a mile long just to get to my land.” This meant there were challenges in just living, not to mention building a high-tech business, says Allen. “Starting a business on the Internet and making it viable was hard work and involved long hours and few days off. But now, my annual income, and sheer enjoyment of work, have surpassed expectations. There is no sweeter success than following your dream and making it work.”

Allen says the most fascinating thing about being a VA right now is that technology provides her the freedom to travel with her work. “Right now, I can pick up my laptop and forward my business line to my cell phone and work from anywhere. I’ll be speaking at an international conference in Orlando next month and my business will travel with me. This spring, I’m tentatively planning a trip to China– and I’ll be working while I’m gone.”

Allen, a graduate of Danville High and Centre College, was the second VA to achieve the IVAA CVA certification in the state. When she joined IVAA in 2001, the membership was just under 100 worldwide. Now, as president of the organization, Allen leads a membership that has grown to over 600 Virtual Assistants in the U.S. and abroad. She lives with her children on a wooded farm in Casey County while enjoying the challenge of leading an international organization and continuing to build a high tech business that is as portable as it is profitable.

Angela L. Allen is a freelance writer and owner of the Kentucky-based writing and marketing business WickedWordCraft.com. She is also the President of the International Virtual Assistants Association and encourages the organization’s members and her own clients to stay on the leading edge of technology and fully enjoy the professional benefits of working “high tech.”

Angela L. Allen
Wicked WordCraft