May Flowers

May has been calm and beautiful. Lots of rain, lots of wildflowers. The kids have been carrying me fistfuls of the most exquisite blooms. A particularly beautiful one is a tiny purple blossom on a miniature “iris” looking stalk with flat leaves. I just have to figure out what it’s called. They can’t remember where they found it.

Daisies are everywhere – thank goodness we don’t mow the yard properly, or we would miss that altogether. Nicholas has adopted “Oz” a beautiful black lab puppy and is thrilled with this early birthday present. He’s a cute little thing and promises to be as much of a “talker” as Wizard is. That dog “fusses” at you and talks and is so verbally expressive. LOL. Just what we need — ANOTHER jabberwalky on the farm.

I have harvested my first strawberries and the asparagus that Amy and I planted last month is up and leafing out preparing to “go to seed”. It’s so hard NOT to pick the asparagus – nearly as hard as it was to pick the blossoms off the strawberries last year.

I’ve made the decision to take my journaling back to a personal level and pull this site down. June first, it will be gone.

For those of you that have followed along, and kept in touch, thank you. I’m ready to take my time and effort spent here and spend it writing fiction. I’m ready to take the extra time, anywhere I can find it, to spend more time with the kids, more time with my now clarified priorities and both a business and a personal level.

This site has documented just over two years of my life – from the time I started preparing for the move to the farm until now.

It’s been a difficult and interesting journey, but I’ve reached most of my goals and I’m focusing in on the others.

There may come a time when I journal online again. I may chronicle the building of the cabin – when we get to that point – hopefully some time next year. I may pick up my ramblings on another level at some point in the future, but for now – this chapter closes.

Blessings and best wishes to you all,