The Story of My SIMS Addiction

This was taken from a post to a message board on May 12, 2002 and explains how easy it is to get hooked on this game…and how, exactly, I became addicted to the Sims, and later Sims 2 — and all the expansion packs.

Well, folks, I must admit that I have a VERY distant past involving actual D&D role-playing. It goes back — waaaaay back to when spin-offs like “Space Opera” and such were in vogue. I was the ONLY girl that did the gaming thing that I knew. ‘Course I was also the only girl in the the Chess Club, and the only one on the varsity soccer team — and there were alot of crossovers in those groups. Go figure. LOL.

But, despite this, I never got into the video gaming. I did a little Donkey-Kong back in the day, Pleisades (sp?) was cool when I quit going to the arcade. I never did the computer gaming — I mean, what’s the point? Such a time waster! And I work at the computer ALL DAY and into the night — WHY would I want to PLAY there too?

And then, one day late last fall, I visited a friend\’s house. He had been trying to get me to look over his games collection for years. I always laughed (sounding superior, I’m sure) and said no thank you.

Well this one Friday — when I had no children (which was amazing all by itself) — he finally talked me into looking at “The Sims”. That was about 5 p.m. when showed up unannounced and said “ya wanna grab a bite to eat or watch a DVD or something? I have NO kids!!!!” and he said “Sure, let me change clothes and check on my uncle. You lookit this game while I get ready.”

I don’t remember alot beyond that — ‘cept that when he came back, he sat beside me for awhile, and tutored me. Then he went out and got us some burgers or something — I don’t recall what, I didn’t go — I know I ate, but I couldn’t remember how it tasted. I was just staring with awe at the computer screen. He went to bed at some point and said “You are welcome to stay and play, but I’m dead.” I think there was some kind of evil “knowing” cackle that followed, but I’m not sure.

I finally pushed myself away from the keyboard around 7a.m. the next morning — after going online to see all the STUFF you could get and do for your little “sim” families. I drove home in a daze. I died on my own couch, since I was too wiped out to make it the extra steps to my bed.

I was hooked — SO VERY HOOKED. I was happy to get away from his house, where the evil, time-sucking Sims lived. But I had withdrawl symptoms.

This is why, my friends, I don’t do drugs. LOL. I’m an addictive personality. Drugs are easy to say “no thanks” to — but when you are a geek at heart and you add to that an addictive tendency — then throw in a game that lets you go in and manipulate the files and download from the web to expand and …. well you get the idea. Whew!

I was managing, doing pretty well. I was nearly cured — was nearly over the urge… when…

This JUDAS of a friend showed up on my doorstep bearing a brand new copy of SIMS AND one of the two available expansion packs. And smiling like the Cheshire cat, he said “Brought you something.”

I was toast for a couple weeks. Every spare moment and even the hours I should have been using to sleep were occupied with my addiction. It took awhile to get over it. QUITE awhile. But, I think I’m mostly in recovery now.

The cool thing about that game was even the kids love it. My three-year old (who has since turned four) learned to work a mouse like a master as a result. Which helped me to justify my addiction. She runs her own games and has her own set up with all her own items.

One of the things that I did for the kids for Christmas was set up their own “Sims” directories and downloaded things that they liked — one son has Egyptian themes, one has Asian, the baby likes Fairies and Cinderella and has the Wizard of Oz characters. I don’t think Ive ever worked so hard for so many hours on a gift — nor had one that was so favorably received!

Since that fateful Friday night, We now have four expansion packs and the kids still say “I’ve finished my work, may I play Sims now?” I stay away from it, myself.

My son — the eldest — just introduced me to Balder’s Gate… and I’m having to fight the urge to go play that now too.

I’ve decided that these types of games appeal to us because we have so MUCH going on in our own lives, that it’s nice to have “complete” control over something. (Anything!) Or maybe it’s that we have to have our FULL attention focused, rather than doing the multi-tasking, nerve-wracking stuff that we do all “work” day.

I’m mostly cured, but I still have over 13 gigs of Sims stuff on the desktop.

Well that’s my 2 cents to the gamers among us. Or maybe it was a buck fifty.

PS: Not cured, now have the Sims2 and eagerly awaiting the University expansion… sigh.